Being healthier is always the goal right? I constantly find myself aiming to eat super clean at the beginning of the week, filling my plates with greens and eating lean protein, and by Wednesday that idea is usually down the drain! I have a habit of starting the week off strong and then I begin to think about chocolate and it’s all downhill from there. I knew that I had to do something about this bad habit.

This year I have decided to really make an effort on eating healthier through out the long weeks of school, work and whatever else is in between! So far these 7 simple steps have been really helping me stay on top of my food game and keeping this ‘being healthier’ thing in full force. I have been waking up a little early and feeling more energized through out my day. They have made such a difference in my day-to-day life these past few weeks. I feel so much healthier than I did before; it’s amazing what extra care can do to make your week so much better.

These 7 daily changes will help turn your week around. Say goodbye to your bloat pants for once and for all! Lets have a great week!


7 ways to eat healthier