Okay so I need to tell you about one of my new favorite places to shop: A Ruby. On their website, you can find leggings, accessories, sweaters, jeans, and so much more. For someone like me who is always on the go, their clothing is perfect. A Ruby has a chic style perfect for twenty-somethings and beyond.


The product that I liked best was leggings from their line AV-RA Performance. This line features cute and comfortable workout clothes. For me, the leggings were perfect for going to class, studying, and working throughout the day. And the best part was that I could switch my top for a night out. I’m always a fan of easy and versatile clothing. Not to mention how stylish and fashion-forward the entire brand is. It includes zip-ups, hoodies, tanks, sports bras, and pullovers. Honestly, any of their pieces will make a “comfy clothes” kind of day into a “cute clothes” kind of day.


Another line A Ruby carries is Quintessentials. This new line features riding leggings, boyfriend jackets, tees, and collared shirts. Quintessentials is more everyday-wear, but it is still just as comfy as everyday workout clothing. So, the clothes here work for a meeting, an interview, or even a special lunch date.


If you go on A Ruby’s website and sign up for their newsletter, you will receive $20 off your first purchase. How amazing it that??? If you shop around you’ll find so much more than just leggings (i’m really loving their quilted jersey hoodie lately). A Ruby provides the best way to upgrade your wardrobe for the winter. With a few pieces from their collections, your style with be refreshed. They have a few pop-up shops for the holiday season, which you can check out here. Be sure to check out their online store, and if you are in the Boston area check out their pop up shops. It is definitely worth your while!