Want to try the best Paleo Butternut Squash recipe? It is rich, creamy and delicious. Perfect for the cold weather coming up! Thanksgiving is around the corner and who doesn’t love an amazing soup as an appetizer?  This recipe is perfect and and soul warming, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like it…I mean theres BACON!!!

I like to make big soups like this because I can always freeze whatever is left and have this amazing soup around the house for any occasion. The ingredients are so simple and are super east to find in any local grocery store.

I bough pre-cubed squash and potatoes. This made it so much easier and less time consuming, I highly recommend using this option!

Author: Chelsea Gold
  • 1 Large Butternut Squash
  • 1 Large Sweet Potato
  • 1 Qt Bone Broth
  • 1/2 C Coconut Milk
  • 2Tbsp Bacon Fat
  • 1 Tsp Salt and Pepper (for taste)
  • 1 Tbsp Cinnamon
  1. Peel and cut squash and potato into cubes.
  2. Add Squash and potato into a pot, add broth.
  3. Boil until fork tender
  4. With an Immersion blender or a large blender, blend squash and broth mixture with coconut milk until smooth and creamy.
  5. Add Bacon fat.
  6. Once Bacon Fat it fully melted add salt,pepper and cinnamon for taste.
  7. Fry up some bacon and crumble on top!