Estrogen is an important sex hormone made by your ovaries. It is needed for fertility, strong bones, protection from cardiovascular disease and collagen production. Basically, all the things us females do!

The hormone, Estrogen, can be split into 3 subparts:

Estriol– The kind that is produced during pregnancy.

Estradiol– The primary hormone in childbearing woman (20’s-40’s). It is responsible for our female characteristics, sex functions, and bone health. 

Estrone– It can be found all throughout our bodies but it is the main hormone during menopause

We are now seeing more often than not, more and more woman having falls in estrogen levels, causing an imbalance. This can be caused by PCOS, Anorexia, and extreme exercise to name a few.

There are also situations where estrogen levels can be too high. For example, it is more common to see higher levels of estrogen in overweight woman and those who frequently take steroid medications.

In our brain, estrogen can affect a bunch of other hormones like, serotonin and dopamine production which have a HUGE impact on mood, depression, cravings, and sleep.

When we’re low in estrogen, we can experience:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain
  • Hair Loss
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Chronic UTIs

This can be caused by
hormonal birth control, irregular cycles, breastfeeding, hypothyroidism, skipping menstrual cycles, NSAID meds like Advil, anorexia and extreme diets, extreme exercise, and extreme stress.

When we’re high in estrogen, we can experience:

  • Heavy Periods
  • Worsening of Endo Symptoms
  • Painful Breasts
  • Fibroids
  • Premenstrual Moodiness

This can be caused by:
low progesterone, birth control, plastic, BPAs, inflammation, poor gut health, PCOS, obesity, diabetes/insulin resistance, steroid medication, and heavy alcohol use

How to make sure your estrogen is in check?

  • Check your ovulation: Make sure your ovulating. Start tracking your cycles and periods. Take note of symptoms. I downloaded an app right onto my phone to keep track of everything!
  • Make sure you are getting adequate amounts of greens, magnesium, b vitamins and zinc. Very important vitamins and minerals for woman’s health.
  • Heal your gut!!!!! Fill your diet up with pre and probiotics, healthy foods, fiber and lots of water.
  • Make sure you’re eating ENOUGH and well.
  • Manage Stress and make time for yourself! Super important.
  • Get plenty of QUALITY sleep. At least 8 hours a day! (I go to sleep at 8pm sometimes just to make sure I am getting enough sleep