Heres to the start of Foodie Friday! Every Friday I will post something about Paleo food (recipes, hacks, tips,ect.)


This Foodie Friday is about PALEO SNACKS. These are just some of the many “grab and go” simple Paleo snacks!

1. Epic Bars: 100% grass fed animal based protein bar. They have meat, fruit and some nuts in them. THEY ARE THE BEST! Great source of protein and a quick tasty snack

2.  Apple and strawberries : Most fruits are Paleo approved. It’s a healthy way to get some natural sugar into your diet but, you shouldn’t always turn to fruit (at least one serving a day)

3. Applegate Salami: I love Applegate products, they are gluten free, casin free, no antibiotics or hormones…basically they are a bread brand of natural deli meats. I recommend all of the products. (The Ham is the only Applegate product that isn’t strict Paleo)

4. Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee: 100% Organic beans that go through an amazing process. Their coffee is the only coffee I really enjoy (flavors aren’t strict Paleo)

5. Carrots and Celery: VEGGIES ARE MY SAVIOR IN ALL THINGS PALEO. Your snacks and meals should be filled with nutrient dense veggies. These are the best snacks because veggies are awesome no matter how they are prepared. I find that homegrown or organic taste the best.

6. Paleo Beef Jerky: Steves Paleo Goods is one of my favorite Paleo Companies. They have everything from jerky to nut butters and everything in-between that is all Paleo friendly. The Original Beef Jerky is my favorite and deff a hit in this house!

7. Raw Almonds: There are a million health benefits of almonds. They help your brain function, your bones, your immune system and everything in-between. They are a fabulous source of protein and a simple snack to carry around in your bag/ pocket.