Usually before I workout I am always in a rush so I grab a banana, but that NEVER fills me up. By the time I get to the gym I am hungry, cranky, and even hungrier. Trust me my trainer will tell you! I woke up extra early before my workout to make sure that I fed my body enough to get through a tough workout.

I had half of a Banana, 3 Eggs (2 whole and one white) and 2 Orange slices (They were amazingly sweet, I couldn’t resist) and a HUGE glass of water. This will feed my body with lots of protein, energy and enough sugar to stabilize my blood sugar, the Orange was my treat, shhhh!

Yesterday I did Kayla Itsines Sculpted Arms in 14 min. Kayla is one of my biggest motivators. She is a trainer from Australia who helps women achieve all of their goals. On her Facebook page she’ll post some free workouts, videos, and tips to guide you. She recently came out with her famous Bikini Body Guide and I HIGHLY recommend it, killer workouts for everyday! They make you sweat like no other. This workout is only 14 min of your day, take some time for your body!



Have fun and make today an active day!